Facebook Video Downloader Online

Facebook Video Downloader Online

Link example: https://www.facebook.com/ReturningTheFavor/videos/2020109721593621/

DownVideo is the best and easiest facebook video downloader. We do not host content on our servers, all videos are on Facebook's servers.


July 21 2021:

We fixed the issue with video thumbnails not displaying correctly, we also implemented many bug fixes and improvements.

December 31 2020:

We are working on a new update. It will bring a new interface and bug fixes, stay tuned!

November 15 2019:

Fixed the issue of videos not being detected, the downloader is now 100% working.

March 15 2019:

Improved the thumbnail detection, video thumbnails should appear in a better resolution than before. Fixed some bugs that caused the downloader to hang/freeze when using a special URL scheme.

November 30 2018:

Fixed bugs that prevented some videos from being detected. Also improved the link detection using a new algorithm, all types of links should work fine now.

July 20 2018:

Resolved issues with the server's performance. Downloading videos is now faster and more efficient than before.

March 1 2018:

Added new features and fixed minor bugs to make the website easier to use.

January 9 2018:

We fixed issues with the downloader's servers.

How to Download Facebook Videos

How to use DownVideo.net to download your favorite Facebook videos in 3 Steps.

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Download Facebook Videos Online

DownVideo is a website that helps you save your favorite facebook videos online without software or extensions to your computer or mobile device (iOS & Android), it's also free to use and there's no limit on downloading videos.

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